Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Boy

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My oldest is about to turn six years old. Besides the anxiety that comes with my baby growing up, this means I now have a new list of wants for the birthday boy. He has come up with a bunch of ideas – and I threw in a few in a couple that I think would be great gift ideas for a 6 year old boy. So here is our gift list:

gift ideas for 6 year old boys


1. The Bruder Tow Truck With Cross Country Vehicle has everything a boy loves – a rugged truck with moving parts and a jeep. From a parent’s perspective, Bruder is known for it’s durability! My son plays with this every time he is at his friend’s house. It’s definitely #1 on his list!

2. After seeing Monsters University together, my son and I have formed a fun bond over Sulley & Squishy. It seems silly but for some reason, my son loves Squishy! It has something to do with all the eyes. So I plan to pick these up for him to play with and remember our date to the movies.

3. LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter – Need a guaranteed time occupier? Get Legos. My son can spend a looooong time making creations and playing with them. He has made some super cool things too, like his most recent toll booth with working arm. But a Starfighter? That really ups the amazing-factor! Plus, he can play on his own or we can bond over creating together.

4. I was introduced to Magformers at a birthday party last fall. My son played with them during most of the party so we picked up a set this past spring. His second most requested birthday gift is another set so he can, in his words: “make much bigger creations, Mom!”

5. My son is really into science experimenting and building sets. Future engineer? Maybe. That’s why I love the Snap Circuits Jr. set. He can be creative while learning. Genius! This set makes 100 different projects – that’s at least a few hours of fun.

6. The Spy Gear Spy Lazer Chase Game has it all: lazers. That’s all a little boy needs! It’s this generation’s lazer tag – no need for the whole chest cover – all you need is this on your wrist. The lazers (or LED lights) are sent with the flick of the wrist and hits are counted. I can’t wait to see my son and his Dad running around the house with these on!

7. The Perplexus Maze Game looks like a fun activity for the car, beach, or any other “on the go” activities our lives are full of these days! Plus, our boy loves a challenge – which this game promises to be.

What other ideas would you suggest? I’ve still got a few more weeks to go!

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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