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10 Secrets to Starting a Great Day #MotivationMonday

So many days I wake up grumbly and miserable with 1 to 3 kids already awake, and often already pouncing on me. I start the day with a need for immediate coffee. Then, slowly, I start meeting the ever-demanding desires of my children. Some days, I do better. I find if I do at least [...]


Evenflo Feeding Proflow Advanced Bottles

I am 99% sure I’m past the baby stage. But since 5 of my friends just gave birth within the past week (seriously, my facebook feed is newborn central!) I think it’s a great time to do a baby product giveaway! And since many babies need bottles (even breastfed babes often have an occasional bottle) [...]

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The Meaning of “Mommy”

Last night as I was falling asleep at 11:45, I heard a faint whimper come over the monitor…”Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.” And then back to silence. This happens a few times a night. At 18 months, my baby wakes and whimpers, calling softly to me. I know not to go in, that will just wake him [...]

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A Few of my Favorite Food Allergy Products #MotivationMonday

I’ve had plenty of experience finding products that my daughter will love. She has a fairly balanced diet with meats, veggies, fruits and grains eaten each day. But, there are a few products I always keeps stocked in the house. These are the current food allergy products that I know will cause a MAJOR meltdown [...]

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Free My EpiPlan App for EpiPen Carriers

With 3 kids, one being a child with food allergies, I feel like I am juggling 1000 things in my mind at all times. Any tricks to keep me from forgetting it all are welcome! I couldn’t live without my Google calendar, the alarm on my phone going off at 9 am and 9 pm, [...]


5 Battles You Should Let Your Kids Win

Hi there! I am Lindsey from Sisters to Sons and thrilled to be guest posting for Chockababy today! When it comes to blogging about parenthood, Carrie and I always seem to be on the same wavelength. Both having three young kids close in age miiiight have something to do with the fact that we simply [...]


Take the Huggies Challenge for a Good Cause!

This post is sponsored by Huggies but, as always, all opinions are my own. I love trying out new diapers. That’s one reason I was excited when I found out I could take the Huggies Challenge and see how well Huggies hold up. I like to buy diapers that don’t break the bank and, yet, [...]

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Why Having 3 Kids is Awesome #MotivationalMonday

I’ve seen some articles pop up in my feed lately that mention how stressful it is to have 3 kids. Of course it’s stressful. But so was having 1 kid. And having a second was definitely stressful. But having 3 kids seems to be getting all the bad press. Now that we are (mostly) out [...]

Family Adventure

March’s Family Adventure

This past weekend, we set out on our Family Adventure for March. We stayed closer to home this time and took a quick trip to Ocean City, Maryland. Since this winter has been cold, snowy, bitterly cold, and pretty much unbearable, we decided to go to a place that felt warm and summery. So, we [...]

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My Sugar Withdrawal

Last Wednesday I began a 6-week detox from Sugar. It was like breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. We were so close. I had Sugar in my coffee. Sugary cereal. Soda – full of sugar – none of that diet junk for me. And if candy was in the house – I’d have some during [...]