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$250 Amazon Giveaway!

  This week, 24 friends and I have been sharing our best recipes, printables, crafts, decor, and holiday traditions. If you missed the posts, check them out! (Then go check out the $250 Amazon giveaway below!)   My friend Steph, from A Grande Life, gathered a group of us together for a fun round up […]

printable thank you note

Kid’s Printable Thank You Note

I like to have my kids write Thank You notes whenever they receive a gift. Birthday, Holidays, and any other non-occasion that come with presents have always been recognized in my family (and in my husband’s as well) with a timely Thank You note. We are attempting to instill that same level of gratitude in […]

stem gift ideas

Awesome STEM Gift Ideas

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Have you heard of it? If you have a child in school, you probably have. STEM is typically used when talking about educational policy. But it’s also used in terms of a class of toys you can find for your children. […]

gift ideas

Awesome Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

My plan of buying just a few gifts for each kid allows me to purchase a few extra, and sometimes, bigger, items for the whole family! Games, puzzles, and other items that bring us together are a great solution to those long winter months… and gives us opportunities for special moments together. Here are a […]

gift ideas

Awesome Gift Ideas for Moms

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. As a mom, I know there are few things I want for Christmas because all I can think about is what to buy for the kids! Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for Moms – which all would be on my list if I had […]

StrasburgRR_Meet Santa

Take a Family Ride on Santa’s Paradise Express Train! #Giveaway

Disclaimer: My family received tickets to facilitate this giveaway: Santa Claus is coming to town! Your kids know he’ll be showing up at your house in a little over a month but most of them hope to catch him sooner to tell him everything they want for Christmas! Avoid the long lines at the mall […]

gift ideas

Awesome Gift Ideas for Boys!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.   I have two awesome boys to shop for this year – a two year-old and a seven year-old. When I add in the nephews and other family, I’m shopping for boys aged 1 to 36! My gift ideas are a range of options from 1 to 10. […]

gift ideas

Awesome Gift Ideas for Girls

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Girls are fun to buy for. Clothes, shoes, dolls, anything pink. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for girls this year: Melissa & Doug Dollhouse. This is one of the most played with toys in my home. Any time other kids come over, the moms […]

christmas list printable

My Christmas List Printable

  This year, my husband and I have been talking A LOT about how we want to structure Christmas gifts. With any gift giving holiday, there is always the pressure to buy more than enough and still feel like it wasn’t quite enough. To curb my desire to buy anything and everything, we chose to […]

vtech innotab

Win a VTech InnoTab Max!

Are you ready for the Christmas season to start? Even if you’re trying to hold off until after Thanksgiving, it’s impossible not to start making your wish lists! After reading this review, I know this will be on the top of my kids’ list – and I bet yours too! The 2014 Holiday Season is […]